Parish Councils are obliged to consider policies to guide their actions in a variety of circumstances.  The most important of these are:

– the council’s Standing Orders, which guide procedure at meetings and other business undertakings;

– the council members’ Code of Conduct, which provides guidance regarding the standard of behaviour expected of members;

– the council’s Financial Regulations, which provide guidance on the management and control of the council’s finances.

The Parish Council is also required to issue a Publication Scheme that sets out what documents are available to view either on the website or by request.

Document TitleDownload
BPC Privacy Notice (Staff/Councillors) Download
BPC General Privacy Notice Download
BPC Training Policy 26062018 Download
BPC Complaints Policy 27032018 Download
BPC Health & Safety Policy 30012018 Download
BPC Equality & Diversity Policy 30012018 Download
BPC Community Engagement Policy 13112019 Download
Action Plan 2015-16 Download
Co-option Policy and application form 15-11 Download
Code of Conduct members adopted 12-07-25 Download
Complaints Procedure 2020 Download
Data protection policy 13-05 Download
Disciplinary, dismissal and grievance policy Jan 2017 Download
Grants and Donations Policy 2020 Download
Employee Appraisal Policy 2015-11 Download
Freedom of Information policy 2020-05 Download
MEMBER-Officer Protocol 13-11 Download
Press and Media Policy 2020-05 Download
Publication Scheme 15-09 Download
Staff recruitment policy, Nov 2013 Download
Standing Orders 2020 Download