Parish Councils are obliged to consider policies to guide their actions in a variety of circumstances.  The most important of these are:

– the council’s Standing Orders, which guide procedure at meetings and other business undertakings;

– the council members’ Code of Conduct, which provides guidance regarding the standard of behaviour expected of members;

– the council’s Financial Regulations, which provide guidance on the management and control of the council’s finances.

The Parish Council is also required to issue a Publication Scheme that sets out what documents are available to view either on the website or by request.

Document TitleDownload
BPC Risk Management Policy 27022019 Download
BPC Privacy Notice (Staff/Councillors) Download
BPC General Privacy Notice Download
BPC Standing Orders revised May 2018 Download
BPC Financial Regulations 22052018 Download
BPC Training Policy 26062018 Download
BPC Freedom of Information Policy 27032018 Download
BPC Press and Media Policy 27032018 Download
BPC Complaints Policy 27032018 Download
BPC Health & Safety Policy 30012018 Download
BPC Grants & Donations Policy 30012018 Download
BPC Equality & Diversity Policy 30012018 Download
BPC Community Engagement Policy 30012018 Download
Action Plan 2015-16 Download
Co-option Policy and application form 15-11 Download
Code of Conduct members adopted 12-07-25 Download
Community Engagement 2015-11 Download
Complaints Procedure Download
Data protection policy 13-05 Download
Disciplinary, dismissal and grievance policy Nov 2014 Download
Donations Policy 2015-11 Download
Employee Appraisal Policy 2015-11 Download
Equality and Diversity policy Jan 2016 Download
Financial Regs 14-04 Download
Freedom of Information policy 13-05 Download
Health & Safety Policy Jan2016 Download
MEMBER-Officer Protocol 13-11 Download
Press and Media Policy 14-05 Download
Publication Scheme 15-09 Download
Staff recruitment policy, Nov 2013 Download
StandingOrders 2015 Download
Training Policy 13-11 Download