Bournheath Parish Council has a new Chairman

At the parish council meeting held on 28th November 2018 members unanimously agreed to appoint Andrew Hewston as Chairman of Bournheath Parish Council to fill the vacancy created when Jayne Warwood resigned earlier in the month.  The Parish Council is grateful to Jayne for her contributions since April 2016 and wishes Andrew well in his new role. He will be supported by Karen May who was unanimously elected to the office of Vice Chairman.

Free Home Energy Checks

Veterans Wellcheck

Smartwater – Bournheath send a message “We Don’t Buy Crime”

Packs of Smartwater will be issued free of charge to each household within the Bournheath Parish at the following events:-

BVCC AGM, 30th November 2017 at 7:30pm

Christmas Fair, 3rd December 2017 between 10am and 2pm


IBA Decision Made!

At their meeting on 1st November 2016 the County Council’s Planning Committee turned down the application to construct and operate an incinerator bottom ash (IBA) recycling facility accepting 120,000 tonnes pa along with ancillary / welfare facilities and operation of mobile equipment at Sandy Lane Quarry, Wildmoor.

Their reasons for refusal were:

  1. The proposal is considered to be inappropriate and accordingly harmful to the Green Belt contrary to Section 9 (Protecting Green Belt land) of the National Planning Policy Framework, Policy WCS 13 of the adopted Worcestershire Waste Core strategy, Policies DS1, DS2 and DS13 of the adopted Bromsgrove District Local Plan, and Policy BDP4 of the draft Bromsgrove District Local Plan in relation to development within the Green Belt.
  2. The proposal is considered to be in an unacceptable location contrary to Policy WCS 6 of the adopted Worcestershire Waste Core Strategy.
  3. The proposal is considered to have an unacceptable impact upon the open countryside contrary to a core principle of the National Planning Policy Framework as set out at paragraph 17 bullet point 5 and Policy WCS 12 of the adopted Worcestershire Waste Core Strategy.

IBA Decision Time! Tuesday 1st November at County Hall

The County Council’s Planning and Regulatory committee will be meeting on Tuesday 1st November to consider the application submitted by Ballast Phoenix to operate an Incinerator Bottom Ash recycling facility at the Veolia site on Sandy Lane (quarry near to StoneyBridge island).  Along with many others Bournheath PC has campaigned against this application on the grounds of inappropriate development in the Green Belt and the nuisance it would generate to residents such as extra traffic, noise, dust and the potential threat to the aquifer under the site.

The meeting is at County Hall and starts at 10am – best to arrive early as there might be quite a crowd!

Here is the link to the agenda: